I use EMCODs transformer because its very reliable product!



We are happy to inform our customers that we have issued our new 2016 Catalog, that you can download here: EMCOD Catalog 2016.pdf


We are happy to inform our customers that we have increased our ML50S12DC and ML50S24DC drivers to 60W.

The new part numbers are ML60S12DC b and ML60S24DC b. The download is here: The New Drivers Spec Sheet

Updated FAQ 
" How can I tell if my transformer is Class 2"
Added compatible dimmers list: Compatible dimmers2.pdf

Who we are

EMCOD (Electro-Magnetic Component Optimal Design) is a world-class developer and manufacturer of LED drivers, Lighting and custom made general-purpose transformers for electronic and electrical equipment.

We are an R&D oriented company with international engineering team.

We supply our products to the Lighting (industrial and residential), Machinery, Automation, Chemical, Medical, Entertainment, Architectural and Commercial markets, to name just a few.

You will enjoy:

  • A Unique Interactive Transformer Specification Calculator that allows you to configure your custom made transformers online
  • "Idea to Real Product" service.
  • Easy to use tools and assistance to make optimal product decisions.
  • You fill up a Form with your technical requirements for a Custom made Transformer and a price quote will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
  • Optimal Design that produces the most compact, reliable and efficient electromagnetic components (LED drivers, AC and DC transformers, and inductors for wide array of applications).
  • Personally work with us on the design.
  • Full customer service online and by phone.
  • Customer friendly pricing and delivery time.
  • Shipping an order within one to three weeks

We actively work to meet the needs of our customers. Your feedback is welcome and will help us improve our service.

We measure our success by how well we build trust, reliability and respect among our customers, suppliers and manufacturers. 

We appreciate openness in human relations and will endeavor to do our best to demonstrate it in the way.

We see this as our highest goal and a worthwhile investment.

We install EMCODs transformers to make best quality lighting system!
We sell EMCOD product to our customers because its optimal solution!


I am very pleased with the EMCOD’s products especially with ML-series.
Michael Douglas, the landlord
I am very happy with EMCOD. Great quality products, very professional, friendly and prompt technical support.
Nick Brighton, Electrical Engineer
EMCOD is one of our best partners, always meets its obligations to the dealers and to the final consumers.
Jeff Twister, dealer